Group Policies

Swanyee Group includes STG Company Limited, Swanyee Development Foundation and Integrated Swanyee Social Business Co., Ltd.According to different objectives and on their own circumstances STG Company Limited, Swanyee Development Foundation and Integrated Swanyee Social Business Co., Ltd, shall be managed independently and the tasks shall be implemented without tie to each other. If it is needed for the administrative system of Swanyee Group, the Administrative Committee (or) Steering Committee shall be established for the purposes of policy making and coordination for the member organizations. And an Advisory Committee shall be established based on the needs of the group’s activities.

Mandate and Policies of separate and independent organizations under Swanyee Group

  1. Subject to the provision of Swanyee Group principles, separate organizations of Swanyee Group shall have the mandate to set charter, rules and regulations. They shall also have mandate to carry out administrative and operational activities independently as long as comply with the principles.
  2. Loikaw Trading Group established by the Founder of Swanyee Group in 1999 was changed as STG (Swanyee Trading Group) in 2012 for the purpose of profit seeking only, if necessary STG shall deal with the fund providing in some extent in poverty reduction activities coordination with Swanyee Development Foundation and/or any other organizations. The necessary fund shall be raised from BODs and Shareholders, and Loans especially from Government and other financial institutions.
  3. Swanyee Development Foundation is a National Non-Governmental Organization was established in 2006 aiming at only for development and humanitarian objectives. Swanyee shall deal with only for not-for-profit activities. SDF shall raise the fund from donors, partners and members organizations of the Swanyee Group.
  4. Integrated Swanyee Social Business Co., Ltd was established in 2014. It was initiated for private purposes and social purposes as “doing charity by doing trade”. It also intends to deal with the businesses that trade to tackle socio-economic problems, improve communities and the environment by reinvesting the profits back into the business and the community so that to be sustainable business program and to improve society profits. ISSB shall raise the fund especially from development loan, from shares of the BODs and shareholders, and from other financial institutions.

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